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The state subpoenaed the records of the man via his online screen name, and on March 2 his home was searched.

During questioning he admitted that he had been in contact with the girl and received the photos.

A Kentucky man has been arrested after being accused of convincing an eleven year old girl to send him nude photos of herself while playing her Play Station 3 online.

Anthony Scott O'Shea, the 24 year old man accused of these crimes from Somersat Kentucky, is facing charges of promotion of child pornography, online solicitation of a minor and sexual performance of a child.

On the contrary, You Tube user Domis Live show us the more respectable stripper etiquette on how to bring one home.

In order to bring them home easily, you will need to have a pretty nice house.

Sadly, some of GTA 5 reflects the shallowness of real life.

Julia Randall, a stunning fashion model with the world at her feet, is found dead floating in her own bathtub.

To the Homicide squad it looks like a textbook society-type's suicide - just another glamorous life ended early by the victim's own hand - but coroner Malcolm "Mal" Carruthers remains unconvinced.

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