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Aguirre recalls in his Facebook video, "She says you make me uncomfortable, and I'm like, 'Why do I make you uncomfortable?

And she says, 'I don't actually know.' So I tell her, 'I feel like you're discriminating against me right now. '”Michael Aguirre says he was in the store to buy something for his room.

He says he saw a lamp in the store that caught his eye. I also don't want them to think that I might be in there stealing."In a six minute audio recording, done by Aguirre’s friend and provided to KPVI. The owner says, "He scared us so much that Edith was writing me a note." She asks the owner why she wanted the 25-year-old to leave.

"One of them mentions that I could possibly break something with my backpack. In one of her many responses, she says what she first thought of Aguirre when he walked in the store.

An Idaho State University student is speaking out after he claims he was racially profiled in a furniture store.

A video he recorded after the incident has been shared up to a 1,000 times on Facebook.

Aguirre says, "People that know her say, 'It was a mistake, it was a mistake.' Yeah it was a mistake but at the same time.The world is a beautiful place and I like to explore it. Some of my favorite things are books, music, socks, alligators, animals I´m a big time girly girl.Have gone through some rough times in life that have left me scarred and a little bit of a social misfit. I just have been too busy with school and work that I haven't been able to do any modeling.This will provide you with the info on idaho dating personals and help you meet idaho singles online.Idaho dating services, Idaho singles and Idaho personals sites to help meet single men and single women in Idaho.

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