Violent intimidating neighbors

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We ended up obtaining an AVO against one of our N's FH after the male NFH assaulted one of us, and in this particular instance he miscalculated and didn't realise that our other neighbours were watching (the N's FH were usually sneaky enough to make sure that there were no witnesses to their behaviour).The male NFH had for some time been behaving in a threatening manner that we later found out would have been considered stalking i.e.

It’s mostly gibberish but certain expletives stand out.Had we obtained an AVO earlier, because of the stalking, the assault may not have happened ?the NFH would have had to consider the possibility of a gaol sentence ?"Unfortunately, I'm stuck here with a man who truly needs medical help but at this point, he is dangerous to himself and he is violent to other people," she said.Green said her neighbor goes on destructive rampages, kicking in doors and breaking hallway lights.

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